Editor’s Note

This issue of 823 on High is devoted to emerging writers, those who have not yet published a full-length collection. The editors decided on nine writers, with three winners introduced by well-known writers: Ned Balbo, Erica Dawson, and Terri Witek. Congratulations!

I have been an editor for close to twenty years, and I want to applaud this particular group of editors for championing the new writer, wanting to create a stage—and page—for those bringing fine new poems into the public space. Much has happened since these poems were selected, and, if the poems were necessary then, they are even more necessary now.

Jo Yarrington’s cover image is Excursus:  Homage to the Square (Irwin)

9 cyanotype photogram prints, 10″ x 11″, 2017.

The issue is dedicated to Jenny Miedwig.

Kim Bridgford, Editor,
Easter Sunday, 2017